Educational Programs

Youth Safe Haven

Staff photo by William Wrobel Nashua's Police Athletic League boxing gym located on Ash St. in Nashua Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Centered in the heart of Nashua’s “Tree Streets” (52 Ash Street), the Youth Safe Haven is open to youth 7 – 18 years of age. With unlimited programming, center staff & volunteers start everyday with homework.

Free membership is offered to any child that is in school, being positive in the community and at home, and ready to be an active member of their community.

The building hosts; Game Room, Library, Homework Club, Computer Lab, Cooking Class, Craft Room, Field Trips, and much, much more!



Academic Achievers


At PAL, school comes first, and EVERY afternoon starts with homework.

Within the PAL Youth Safe Haven, every member is expected to perform at a high level in school, at home, and in the community.  Each day, youth are paired with a college student, a staff/ volunteer, or each other. This connection leads greater success in school and a solid foundation for future scholastic achievement.

Members looking for school supplies can find everything they need at PAL.



Mentors in Action


There can never be too many positive men and women in our community.

PAL Mentoring takes place at college campuses, on athletic fields, within the PAL community center, and throughout all PAL programs. Our strategic partnerships, allow us to create formal 1:1 matches within existing programs, while also providing small group activities that connect positive people to community youth.

Mentoring is a win for all involved. Contact us to apply.





Summer Experience

PAL Youth Safe Haven members EARN a Summer of fun (and education) after demonstrating a commitment to the program, through positive behavior, regular success in school, and consistent participation in community service.

Youth that earn these trips load a bus each Monday in the summer. Trips include; State and National Parks, The Zoo, Water Attractions, and so much more. Each trip will entertain and educate 50+ youth each week.

Like so many PAL programs there is no cost to the program, only the opportunity to earn your spot.






DSCF0218 (2)

Giving youth cameras to discover, document, and display their surroundings empowers them to see how they can positively impact the community. This unique project empowers change by teaching youth about photography, and how to enact change through what they find.

PhotoVoice artwork can be found at the Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven. We would love to give you a tour!




Safe Peddling


A child that wears a bike helmet is less likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol.

Safe peddling is more than just bike safety.  It is an opportunity to explore different parts of the community, learn basic bike repair, and a chance to win a new bike!

This program is designed for youth of all ages.





Adult Safety


PAL is committed to educating all members of our community.  This unique education series, offers informative seminars to adults across the community.

Topics include; Cyberbullying, Social Media Education, Technology Workshops, and more.

This program is brought to the community through a unique partnership between Southern NH University, Nashua Police Department, and Nashua PAL.  For more information about this and other adult workshops, please contact us directly at 603-594-3733 or