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Meet 9 year old Marilyn – PAL of the Month

Marilyn was named the March PAL of the Month at the Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven! Marilyn earned PAL of the Month because she is a constant reminder to everyone on how to be a great role model. She attends PAL daily, participates in programs, wants to help out, & always has a smile on her face.

Marilyn & Enrique (February PAL of the Month) are now both in the running to be named PAL of the Year at our Nashua PAL Sports Dinner. Check back in May to see our next All-Star PAL of the Month!






Meet 11 year old Enrique – February PAL of the Month

Enrique is the first PAL of the Month at the Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven! He earned this award by making positive changes, displaying leadership, and demonstrating respectful interactions with his peers and adults.

Now that Enrique is February’s PAL of the Month, he could earn the chance to be named Jr. PAL of the Year at the 2017 Sports Dinner!








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